The Solidus team is an eclectic group that has completed hundreds of projects using our Design/Build/Furnish approach. Several of our team members have worked at Solidus for decades, a testament to the company's commitment to long-term relationships. We relish the challenge of executing each new project efficiently, and leaving you with an improved business environment. Please take a moment to meet us.

Mark Charette, CEO
Mark has been the voice of disruptive innovation in commercial real estate since before "disruptive innovation" was even a thing. His drive to improve the industry earned him a coveted CoreNet Global Innovator's Award in 2010, for his role in Operation Mindshift, a thinktank dedicated to revolutionizing design and planning in commercial real estate. Mark's rebellion against inefficient project management is supported by 30 years' experience supplying information and guidance.

John Charette, President
John's versatile industry experience and background in business administration have been instrumental in growing Solidus company assets. He's filled several roles in the Solidus organization, ranging from Account Executive to Chief Financial Officer. John's business and finance background has been a factor in his determination that Solidus diversify into other areas, including medical, education and insurance. John is focused on the continued success of the company through intelligent decision-making and fiscal responsibility.

Bob Fontaine, VP of Construction
Bob oversees and provides leadership to all Solidus construction field personnel, and is responsible for budgeting, negotiating contracts and developing project timelines. He also assigns project managers to specific construction projects. Bob is in continual contact with both the client and his construction teams throughout the entire project, ensuring that any issues are resolved before they can impact project price or schedule. He is committed to answering any client questions or concerns, and has garnered huge respect for his personable approach to customer communication. He's worked at Solidus for over 30 years.

Dave Sylvester, Sr. Estimator & Field Manager
Dave's expertise in project cost management ensures materials and resources are properly allocated and jobs fall within time and cost limits. He organizes projects into detailed phases, as well as works both internally and externally with professional contractors, a keystone role in the business. Dave's a valued resource for solving technical problems and assigning quality personnel to specific projects. His great experience and personality have earned him the respect of subcontractors and building officials alike. 2015 will be Dave's 20-year anniversary as a Solidus employee.

Ray Belliveau, Estimator
Ray has been at Solidus for 21 years, having been hired in October, 1995. He served 20 years proving his versatility in a number of disciplines, including commercial carpentry, drywall, hardware, acoustical ceilings, project supervision, and scheduling. As a Site Superintendent, Ray used his strong organizational skills and attention to detail to oversee project sequencing and safety, and task scheduling and execution. He spent many years supervising field operations and providing leadership to sub-contractors via meetings, coordination of material deliveries, and on site. Ray has been a Solidus Estimator since September 2015, and is now responsible for determining construction costs, field verification, site visits, and material take-offs. He still provides occasional construction field support when needed.

Charlie Miller, Executive Vice President
Charlie has worked with financial industry executives for over 20 years with emphasis on integrated technology, design and construction. He joined Solidus in 2013 as Executive Vice President, bringing 8 years of design-build experience exclusively with financial institutions. Charlie works closely with clients, describing sales relationships as "trust-building exercises rather than a hard close". He loves football and is current Chairman of the Board at Pop Warner, where he's coached for the past 14 years. His industry knowledge allows him to help clients execute projects from small renovations to significant sized new construction.

Courtney Grover, Executive Vice President
Courtney has over 30 years of experience in the financial and retail, design and construction services industry. His tenure includes the delivery of numerous prototype designs as well as extensive roll-outs aligning the institutions branching initiatives with their business objectives. Most recently Courtney served as Chief Operating Officer for a national firm providing brand positioning, retail communications, design and construction services to national, regional and community banks. He is an effective source of help and information for existing and potential clients who need realistic project-planning advice and guidance.

Bill Randall, VP, Floor Covering Services
Bill closely supervises the flooring end of our projects with a distinctly hands-on approach. He has over 33 years of experience in interior fit-out projects, including financial, educational, healthcare, corporate and government work. Bill believes real-time communication is critical to the successful execution of a flooring project. He's developed solutions to the problem of renovating occupied offices with little-to-no disruptions to office staff, assuring a smooth and stress-free flow to any interior office space installation.

Mark Desmond, Window Treatment Manager
Mark has an entire career in window treatments behind him, with experience working in financial, hospitality, corporate, institutional and healthcare environments. He determines clients' needs during the planning phase, and works to satisfy these using highly-customized solutions on a per-project basis. Mark's responsibilities include coordinating the ordering, delivering and installation of window treatments, and managing Solidus's relationships with clients and vendors. He is always available to provide consultation on product specification, design and site evaluations.

Scott Burgess, Retail Communications & Design
Scott's involvement spans entire projects from beginning to end; he works with architects on floor-plans that control the layout of commercial space, he helps integrate brand personality with functioning equipment, and he designs the finished interior. Scott is an expert in retail communications, including merchandising, signage and other integrated commercial features. His decades-long design experience helps clients pinpoint key zones where product and information placement will increase profitability and boost aesthetic appeal. This is Scott's tenth year at Solidus.

Ray Whitledge, Retail Communications & Design
Ray brings more than 30 years’ design experience in the residential and commercial design fields. He has lived and worked in several different US regions during his career. He’s had the pleasure and privilege of working with celebrities in the music industry, as well as providing residential interior design services for private clients, commercial design services for corporate clients, and window treatments for the United States Senate. Ray’s skill-set encompasses design, layout, and furniture, lighting, and color selection. From individual offices to a variety of public and commercial spaces, he’s worked within our team to offer creative, current, timeless design. His knowledge of product, and attention to detail, including millwork design and detailing, conceptual planning and furniture layouts, and specification of furniture and finishes, provide quality results that exceed client expectations.

Sharon LaPlante, Controller

Tricia Theobald, Client Relations and New Business Manager
Tricia plays a support role to both Mark Charette, CEO and John Charette, President. In addition she assists with Solidus' marketing efforts and trade show presence. Tricia has been with Solidus for almost two years.

Jennifer Miller, Construction Project Manager
Jen has a variety of responsibilities, including project plan development, document control, and scheduling. She ensures phase transitions occur smoothly and project conflicts are swiftly negated. Jen is experienced in both the construction and furnishing areas of the business, and her strong organizational and communication skills draw the construction and fit-out elements seamlessly together. She runs team meetings to exchange information with subcontractors and field personnel, addressing scope and logistical issues. Ultimately, Jen is responsible for the project delivery and close-out. She's worked at Solidus for 20 years.

Dean Bowen, Construction Project Manager
Dean's 25-year career in the design-build field speaks to all aspects of project management. His skill-set includes determination of scope, design and construction management, establishment of project budgets and bidding and contract negotiation. Dean's construction expertise spans several industries with a focus on financial. He is a keen relationship builder, well respected by clients, contractors and vendors alike. Dean has been responsible for identifying areas of operational savings, and has expertise in various forms of safety and compliance requirements.

Chris Kelly, Construction Project Manager
Chris is responsible for several areas of our work, including project plan development, scheduling, and document control. He has comprehensive experience with commercial construction and interior fit out, as well as other aspects of the design-build process. He has 20 years of construction experience focused mainly on the financial industry, and so understands the sensibilities and needs of decision-makers as the retail model evolves. Chris has strong organizational skills and communicates well with sub-contractors and field personnel while maintaining client relationships.

Kendall Martin, Flooring Project Manager
Kendall uses skills acquired over decades of experience to oversee Solidus commercial flooring projects. His family was in the flooring business when Kendall was very young, and his practical abilities in flooring extend all the way back to his teens. Kendall is an accomplished ceramic and flooring mechanic who moved from Texas to New England after marrying a New England gal 21 years ago.

Rich Phillips, Field Superintendent

Dave Lohneiss, Field Superintendent
Dave’s excellent organizational skills and unflagging attention to detail have led to him taking responsibility for project sequencing and overseeing timely execution of tasks by subcontractors and related personnel. Dave is also responsible for field operations and providing leadership to subcontractors. He runs subcontractor meetings and coordinates team efforts between several levels of field staff and other construction professionals. Dave develops and maintains project safety protocols and coordinates all activities involved in the projects he oversees.

Aaron Keathley, Field Superintendent

Mike Shumway
Mike is Solidus's chief window treatment installer, entrusted with the task of performing top-line work across a broad range of industries. Window treatment is usually the last discipline in the integrated process, and Mike is well used to working to tight deadlines. This comes into play at schools and colleges of higher education, where there are strict dates by which installations must be completed. He can install any type of window treatment for the commercial market our clients require, including "green" designed materials and the entire spectrum of styles currently available. Mike says the aim of every job is "to exceed client expectations".

Dan Olin, Carpenter

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